The Daily Targum

This page holds links to the archives of some of my works from The Daily Targum; Rutgers University’s student run newspaper. I resigned my position as Correspondent in the Winter of 2012 because of an already hectic schedule (including my internship at LIN@R) and for a need of financial security that the position had not offered me. Ultimately, I view my time at the Daily Targum as a good experience that taught me the fundamentals of news reporting on a daily deadline. I returned in Fall 2013 to continue work as a Correspondent and left in March 2014 to work with New Brunswick Today.


My Beats: RUSA Student Government, President Robert L. Barchi

Notable Articles:

– Cabo Granato Expulsion Hearing:

  1. Newark Student Government President Faces Expulsion Amid Potential Scandal
  2. Cabo Granato’s Expulsion Hearing

– The Year After Rutgersfest: Security Heightened, Outdoor Activities Cancelled

– Biotechnology: The Pros and Cons Remain Unclear

-Undocumented Students and Struggling to Change the System

-Bill Rasmussen, ESPN Founder, At Rutgers University

-Student Loan Debt Reaches $1 Trillion Nationwide

-Vermin Supreme, Fascist Presidential Candidate, Marches on College Avenue


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