About Me

I am not a crook!
I am not a crook!

I was born and raised in South Jersey and have been a writer at heart since as long as I can remember. My interests include politics, journalism, and music.

I am a fiction writer at heart, but I am also a journalist. My focus is politics. I’ve covered notable stories like the Sayreville War Memorial High School Hazing Scandal and interviewed Bill Rasmussen, co-founder of ESPN.

Read on, I hope you enjoy what I’ve done with my life so far. Plenty more ink and blood shall be spilled in the coming years.

Contact Info:

Potential employers and potential friends can reach me at auzialko@gmnews.com. Office phone is (732) 358-5200 ext. 8368. I’m a bit wary to give out more information than that. You understand.

Positions, Writing and Otherwise:

– Staff Writer, Greater Media Newspapers (2014-Present)

– Staff Writer, New Brunswick Today (2013-2014)

– Correspondent, Daily Targum (2011-2012)

– Staff Writer, LIN@R (2012-2013)

– Staff Writer, Trim Magazine (2013-2014)

– Representative, Magnusson Estate Sales (2013-Present)


– Adam Uzialko
Greater Media News
Staff Writer
Phone: (732) 358-5200 ext. 8368
Email: auzialko@gmnews.com


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